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Bequia is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The island is 7 square miles with white sand beaches, rolling hills and a few grassy fields speckled with coconut trees.   

Book a Tee Time

Book a Tee Time

Book a Tee Time

 We are located on the beautiful grounds of the Firefly Plantation in Spring Estates.  To schedule a tee time, please contact Firefly Bequia Plantation directly at 

+1-784-458-3414 or click on the link below.  

Unique Design

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Unique Design

 The golf course is a 6 hole, par 3, cross-country golf course.  It is not a traditional one with green and cups, but rather has flagpoles.  To score, you must hit the flagpole or come within one club's length.  No putters are needed on this course.


About Us

Ins and Outs of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

 January 4, 2018 · 

Firefly Bequia Plantation's Cross Country Golf Course is now open for some fun in the sun!!!

Designed by Lennart Freeman, a keen golfer and Bequia home owner... the idea was to create a simple, eco friendly, low maintenance golf course so you can enjoy the beauty of Bequia while improving your short game in golf.
The Firefly Bequia location is perfect, with well-maintained grounds, interesting elevation changes and beautiful views. No tree or bush removal was necessary to create the 6 hole, par 3, cross-country course. To keep it simple and to minimize maintenance, they decided to alter the method of scoring by not having traditional greens with cups. Instead of cups they simply have flagpoles. That means to complete a hole, you must hit the flagpole or have the ball come to rest within one club length from the flagpole, not get the ball in a cup.
It takes about 45min to complete a round.
Reservations for tee times are recommended.
25 XCD per round per person including rental of the clubs and golf balls.
Annual membership available for 200 XCD per person per year (unlimited play).


The Score Card

  • #1   First tee shot is a blind shot over/between two palm trees, sharing green with #5.  68 yds.
  • #2 Straight up the hill.  82 yds.
  • #3  The signature hole, utilizing the length of the land, seeing the hillside and mountain in background.  62 yds.
  • #4  Back up the hill to the shortest hole, sharing green with #6.  50 yds.
  • #5 Down the hill, the longest hole, sharing green with #1.  90 yds.
  • #6  Up the hill, sharing the green with #4    80 yds. 

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